WINOL Week One Review

Review of the WINOL bulletin: Week One

Ian Anderson Debrief:
Ian was impressed on how the bulletin was shot 'bang of three' and said the production from Nicole and team was very smooth. Ian expressed how critical it was to be on time and he was impressed by the rehearsal by Harry which exceeded him being on time. In the professional world the presenter always checks the scripts and rehearsal is crucial.

There was a slight production hiccup with the new final cut pro 10 and the old version that will be worked on for next week.

Ian said our focus next time needs to be the choice of stories and quality of them. He also added that we need to establish who our target audience is.

He pointed out that the Minecraft story produced by Liam Garraham was 'nicely done' and the the key ingredient is natural sound. The VT started with natural sound taken from the game.

Vaccine story: Very good access into the laboratory and filmed a sequence which was a great first VT
Student Stats: This VT had great sound, which is one of the hardest things to achieve. Visually the shots could be improved and the length of the interview was too long. I think we keep our interviews to no longer than 10-15 seconds where you grab the best quote from the interviewee.

The crime package was accurate and fair. The piece to camera needs to be slower but other than that it was very professional.

The OOV belt: there was a nice move on the image. Images only work if they have a move on them so this made it successful.

The ECO home owner story: The interview was shot very well and this story relied on the case study which worked.

The sports section had nice clear shots and clear voice over but more camera's were needed the capture the right angle of the goals.

Overall this was a successful first bulletin. Well done everyone and especailly the second years whose first attempt this was.

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