Access Winchester Week One

Here is our first edition of our What's On show of the semester. 

Produced as a team by Jack Webb, Emma and myself. 

We all attended the Rain Dance Film festival in London which was a great start for us. 
Jack joined in with some African Drumming at the uni. 

As this was our first week of producing a brand new show that would be additional to the bulletin we needed to decide what we wanted it to look like. We watched E News and 5 access to get the feel of how we wanted the show to look. 

We decided it needed the tone to be jokey and visually it needed to be full of graphics. 

We made these decisions after filming our events so as this was our first show the tone isn't quite right. 

The presenting is perhaps too serious and we've decided to approach the presenting differently next time round.

We had to add music to the VT's. Music needs to be categorised by mood. At first we chose music that was too rocky, it didn't suit our tone we wanted to set. For example music is categorised by moods such as travel music, rock genre etc.
We decided we wanted upbeat house music or Jazz with the idea that we could listen to it before a night out.

We added graphics to the vt's for example the thought bubbles over our heads. The tone we wanted to set with this show needed to be in a self depreciating way.

We filmed our vt's in a serious way and pointed out by our lecturer we were told to reverse expectation of these events.

As this was our first week we also had to make the opening credits. We started this by making a logo. At this point we changed the name of the show to Access Winchester. We felt this was much more stronger and punchy. We wanted the credits to have animation but in the end we only able to make it swoosh in due to the tight deadlines. We added boom's and swooshes to the opening credits as these opening credits were our only hope in drawing in our viewers attention before seeing mine and Emma's faces presenting.

The african drumming piece was slightly too long for our style. Because we are used to editing our vt's for a news bulletin we kept to the conventional rules. But for our Access Winchester show we need to go against all of our traditional news rules and add as much detail as possible but we shouldn't be using exposition and simple explaining things as this is too boring.
The good points about this african drumming piece is that at the end Jack filmed himself joining and and playing the drums.

The London Rain Dance Film festival piece needed more continuety. But overall the shots we got from this event were useful and Emma's presenting the style reflected our style really well.
We also needed to work our our overcoming issues with noise e.g: traffic noise. And the dark lighting inside the cinema where would could of used an led light or moved to a lighter area.

For our first week this was a good attempt. Although our editing needs to be much tighter.

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