Access Winchester Week 2

Access Winchester Week 2: 
Here is our second Access Winchester of the semester. This week the show covered War Horse, Musician Ben Goddard's coffee house sessions and Liam Garraham joined us with 'The Top 5 Student Apps review.' 

The presenting by Jack Webb was spot on with how we want this show to look. It's much more relaxed and jokey and the walkie talkie style is successful. 

I particularly like the graphics used this week. It establishes the style of the show and makes it different to the news bulletin. We have established that our approach to making this show should be a features approach rather than news. 

War Horse VT feedback: 
In terms of 'access' I received some great access from the Mayflower Theatre when they allowed me and Emma to watch the launch of WarHorse which will be coming to the theatre early next year. The shots we received from this were fantastic. The puppet horse moves just like a real horse and with our front row seats we captured some great footage. The interviews we received. were also successful we got to speak to the puppeteers and the songman. 

Emma Jefferies PTC: Emma's ptcopens the vt at the Mayflower theatre. I asked her to do this as I think she is very confident in front of the camera she walks with her piece to the cameras. This is something I need to attempt. We have banned the term 'I went to' as the opening to our vt's. In news a summery introduction is used but in features we should always use a drop introduction like 'Lets take a look' 

My voice over on the War Horse VT could be improved. I understood that my voice over needs to be over the pictures to explain it. But I did too much explaining. The facts must be in my voice and the opinions should come from our interviewee's. We need quotes such as 'It's a dream' in the interviewee's voice. Never in our own voice. 

In my interviews at War Horse we showed too much of the interviewee. We needed to put our cut-away's over the top. This would of given us the chance to show off our best pictures of the horse. The interviews also needed captions to say who they are. (we shouldn't let the interviewee say who they are) 

There are many things that I need to work on in terms of editing the package. But I was happy with the access I received this week its just piecing together the package that I will be working on. 

Access Winchester now has its own link on the winol website. This makes the show more accessible. 

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