WINOL week 8

Guest Editor this week was Paul Wood who has previously studied Journalism at the University of Winchester too. He now specialises in online marketing. It's important for us to receive advise on how to improve our website which provides our audience with all our news stories, bulletin and features work. The website is doing great in terms of progress. We have just recently launched our new features magazine Here and Now which is an overall magazine of all our great features we produce from previously separate magazines. Putting them all in one place should help our audience find features. 

Guest Editor Paul Wood created the winol website. He writes on his blog: "I was involved with the creation of a news website which was a relative success with even people who weren’t directly involved with the project visiting the website. The site that I helped to make a success became known as WINOL and is now a fundamental part of the award winning course at the University of Winchester."

Now our website is doing very well and continuing to progress since Paul Wood created it. The general feedback that I have heard from our audience is that it is professional. Some people have even given me interviews after viewing our website and seeing and understanding that what we do is as good as the professional news websites.

Paul Wood advised us to get our story up as soon as it happens even if it is only a paragraph. We can always come back to the story and update our viewers with what has happened. 

He then particularly made our sub editing team think about the way that they work. He advised them not to worry about the 'green' and to use words in tags that we would type into a search engine. We need to make our tags more specific and aim towards the niche topic. Names are a good in tags as people locally will search for a specific person if they are interested in them and doing so it is likely your story will appear. 

The bulletin this week
There were a few legal problems with the script which were luckily sorted before the script went live. The image on the headline of the female bishop story wasn't very strong and debatably not the best picture. Also this is our top story which isn't very hard hitting. The sport headline needed some more emotion or excitement to catch peoples attention. Sports in general needs some more excitement and maybe more editing on final cut I would think graphics would work well on sports, maybe a league table? 

-Don't open your story on a mid-shot. The Bishop story begins with a a mid- shot and this is something we all need to avoid now because the shot doesn't really focus on anything. An establishing shot or a close shot on someone is much more effective. Moving the camera is good and using a variety of shots can be more effective. 

We should always write to pictures. 

Ben gained great access to the grit vehicle site for his story but again the opening shot could of been stronger. Ben really got into this package by wearing the high visibility jacket but I think he could of done even more when doing his piece to camera. Maybe he could of picked up the grit or anything with a bit more movement. 

Success: Christina's court story was very successful as her delivery is very powerful and emotive and overall the package contained some fantastic quotes. The impact statement that is written by the victims and read in court to explain the damage the attacker has done to them was summarised effectively as a piece to camera. Quotes included words such as 'violated and ' 'disgusted' are hard effective quotes. The interview from the policewoman gave it that extra piece which made it different from usual reports. Christina believes in the story and this is shown in the way she reads the report and exaggerates hard hitting words.

Christina clearly knew how she wanted this package edited therefore a good point for everyone is that it is important that you need to know the story before you edit it. This will mean that you know what you are going to say and how you are going to edit it.

The new website "Here and Now" has launched on It has all our feature magazines in one place, making it more accessible for viewers to reach.

In features we need more picture led features as our pictures in features are everything.

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