Access Winchester Week 8 Review

In this weeks show we had my interview with Keith Chegwin in the Nutcracker on Ice at the Mayflower. We also had a report from Liam at the Beaulieu motor museum. Emma reported from the Southampton Christmas Market and we had an exclusive interview with the deputy editor of Cosmopolitan Rosie Mullender. So overall this weeks show had some great interviews and content. 

Although our christmas market report didn't reflect the same quality of content we have received from the other reports this week it was still a good attempt to produce something for a 'what's on' themed show. The pictures were weak and didn't really show off our best pictures. But on the good side we have three other great packages and we have produced another show with four packages in. 

I got some great access this week at the Mayflower theatre Southampton. This week The Nutcracker on Ice was showing at the theatre. TV personality Keith Chegwin was starring in the show as he recently went on the ITV show Dancing on Ice. The mayflower gave me press passes to the show but I directly contacted Keith Chegwin and his management who informed me Keith would do the interview. 
We also got access to film them practising for the show. 
I originally edited this package in a light hearted approach and my piece was too positive. I needed more balance and I had left his interview with too much facts and not enough comments. So I cut it back and voiced the facts in my voice and the opinions in Chegwin's voice. I did a three point list of some of the shows he had been on and used 'fair dealings' and I created a montage of clips of the shows he has appeared on. This was much more effective in my voice. 
Overall I was happy with my package this week as Chegwin was a good name for us to get on WINOL and the shots were of an ok quality. The lighting in his interview was too bright due to the lighting on the stage in the background.

We had an exclusive interview with the Rosie Mullender, deputy editor of the very successful female magazine Cosmopolitan. This was a great interview bang on with our target audience. Shona race bagged us this interview and myself and Shona Race and Georgia Spears went up to London to meet her. I was the camera man(women) for this project which i felt confident in doing so as I have been up to London four times now with the cameras for winol. It was my idea to bring a second camera for the inteview to do 'noddy's' of the interview. But this proved to be a problem in post production as when we came to edit the package we found out that we had 'crossed the line' with how we filmed this two point camera interview. 

Many problems occurred with the interview location due to lack of space in the room they gave us for the interview. I literally found the only two empty spaces in the room and put up the tripods and did so not realise that the cameras had crossed the line. This basically means that when watching the shot of Rosie and the shot of the interviewer, Georgia it didn't look natural. Georgia's eyeline was looking in the wrong direction to Rosie's.   

The camera on Georgia was also overexposed and because we didn't have anyone standing by the camera to change it we just let it run. But not all is bad... the shot of Rosie is perfectly fine. 

The interview went extremely well and Rosie gave us a load of interesting information relating to Journalism and a job in the fashion world. Unfortunately, when getting back after the interview some of the camera angles didn't work out that well so editing the footage was slightly difficult. Right now Georgia and Shona are editing an extended version of the interview to go on Journalism Now. However, a shortened version was used for the most recent episode of Access Winchester:

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