The Nutcracker On Ice at the Mayflower Southampton

This week I interviewed Keith Chegwin at the Mayflower theatre Southampton. He was starring alongside his ITV Dancing on Ice partner Olga only with Imperial Ice Stars for this festive show.

I bagged the interview luckily and he was very easy to interview. Giving me lots of outs for quotes.

After editing my first package I was advised to make changes. This is the final result. I am much happier with it because now it has balance. Before I think I was being too positive about the show. I had left too much 'fact' in Keith Chegwin's voice instead of my own. This time I voiced the fact and left the opinion to Chegwin. I stated what he had done during his TV career and I was told he was a cheesy character and I needed to get this across.

I like the shots that I filmed and was very happy with the access I received for this week's show. I think i'll upload a full length interview as well as this as some people might enjoy it!

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