Winol Week 7: Claudia Murg "Journalism is like hunting," "be fearless."

Guest Editor this week was Claudia Murg. Her main comments were that the bulletin was 'watchable,' and that it was good work so far and 'good process from last year.' As a journalist you need to "be fearless." She advised us to all aim higher in terms of our aspirations and we should bring something new to the news and not just repeat the news.

Guest editor Claudia Murg's feedback:

She begun her feedback by telling the team it was 'watchable' it flows and it's better then last year.
She then asked us what our temperature reading was on the bulletin. Give yourself a mark over 5. Do you have a plan when you go out before you film. What are the first things you think about before the story. Who you want to speak to? What pictures would you like to see? Interview questions what answers do you want.

She then added that the bulletin did not reflect high aspirations.You need to think about who would be effected. Write a list. You've got to aim higher.

What is the justification for a story now. Ask yourself how do I just justify what I am doing. Don't reflect what other news have said. Bring something new.

Harry presenting- good attitude.

Flybe story: tell us you tried to interview them right at the beginning of the story.
Tell people if people refused to reply. What is new in my report?
Talk to people 'real people' not just gvs. What why when how? Address all of those.
Portsmouth cuts and shipbuilding.
Rubber company jobs cuts?
Police commissioner:Matt demeanor professional and confident. Simon Hayes talks about his year in office. Throw in your own questions. Don't just offer the a platform for them to react, people expect that, try and bring something new challenge them that's your role!

Christina police package: what counts is what you have learnt from your mistakes. We talked about control of the interview. Challenge them. Think about the person you're interviewing are they going to be bored out of their heads? They want a journalist to ask a different question. Show them that you know the facts of the story, remind them that you are a journalist and not just wasting their time.
"I like the interview but you are too formal at the beginning" " be yourself and be normal.
You really need to listen. We are thinking about the next question too much.

Kate Drummond crime story:

Driving offences: interview driving offence person.

New forest ponies: again write a list of people you want to interview. Where is the horse meat going?

Sports interview: "mesmerised" " I couldn't stop looking at why he is not at a football pitch." If I missed the beginning of the interview I wouldn't of known who he is. Needed more images.  Liam said he was restricted to where he could film it. " you need to aim high" ask him where can it be filmed before you go to aim high.

I quite liked Laura's match report. But think about how it could look better.

You are going into the big world with a lot of competition. Be creative.

Brian: "Follow the structure. But editorially you should push it. The point Claudia is making is that we are being safe. Blandvilee"

: Do your homework before an interview that way you will get respect from your interviewee.

Say "I don't want to waste your time" to your interviewee.

Chris  we call the cameras "quote grabbing machines." Lack of confidence need to establish what is fact and what is opinion.

Claudia: "Journalism is like hunting" Chris Horrie: " or chess"

Claudia: Good work so far, good process from last year.

Curiosity and contacts. "I source all my contacts so I'm fit for purpose"

How to deal with unresponsive interviewees. Claudia said think about why they are being like that and reassure them that your job and your story will be worth their while. Be specific to clarify your expectations. Think first what is stopping them from talking to be. "Be fearless"
Generate your contacts... Sometimes you find contacts in the most unexpected places.

Contact the person before you have a story. Otherwise you are just getting the quote and then you are dropping them. Keep ringing them it's the human element. We don't have any contacts with the unions.

Feedback from Ian Anderson: "Bag on three well done production."
Guest editor Harvey said "it was ok."

Lots of animal stories on winol. Headlines were very good this week they included the best visuals.

Tyres package- never a visual story but it was constructed well. Elements of beginning middle and end.

Bmp interview eyeline is wrong. We don't want to see the side of someone's face.
Job loss in the south- needed some context.

PCC story great access. Journalistic Enterprise. And you got the reaction from the local commissioner. Top marks for getting the interview.

Prison boss- Great enterprise to get the interview again.

Driving story: "tremendous" amazing middle market hit news that's great. I think that you need to get our gramma right with the visuals. It could of been better package lower down. The pictures were great. (Motorway shots)

Acorn ponies story: We needed to see some ponies first not pigs. But it is a great story.

Sport. Shoot the interview better.
Match report- good coverage

Dogs and finally story:
Production problems

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