Access Winchester: Week 6

Our sixth factual entertainment show, Access Winchester, featured national sausage week, Lucy Spraggan and a Coffee House Session. 

From receiving feedback about this week's show we have recognised that our packages need to be quicker and the editing in between shots needs to be sharper. The national sausage package was too lengthy. The sequences should literally just be quick flashes on the screen and we should of left Jack's talking as atmosphere sound. 

We were trying to achieve a 'come dine with me' spin on sausage week. We thought this would be perfect as it reflects the jokey/ not so serious tone that the show is about. However I think we got a bit carried away and made the package too long. 

Jack Webb presented this week and introduced the show but there seems to be a slight jump cut when we see him again outside the butchers. We didn't need to see Jack again outside the Butchers we could of just cut to the shot of him inside the butchers collecting the sausages with the narration over the top. 

On my Lucy Spraggan package I needed to use a cutaway of the interview over the top of what I was saying about interviewing her at a festival. Also when we see her in the interview I could of used an info crawl graphic about her.  But my review was fair and it allowed me to use the music video clip abiding by the fair dealings rule. 

Emma Jefferies voice over on the Coffee House Session was good. She gave a fair review of the artist and didn't just say that he was great she stated he might not be everyone's taste. The sound on the vt wasn't quite right, this may of been a post production problem because it seemed ok in editing. The sound should of dropped when Emma spoke but it didn't it dropped to late. 

We have understood the main conventions of the show and now we need to put them into practice next week. 
- Editing needs to be our focus.
- Shorter packages  (time is quality not quantity) 

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