WINOL week 6

This week's guest editor was Will Boden, deputy editor of BBC Politics. He said he was "very impressed" and "blown away" with the bulletin. We also had feedback from Angus Scott this week and they both agreed that there was a good mix of stories and Angus particularly liked Liam Garrahan's story about scrap metal and Will Boden said he 'echoes' what Angus said about it. Angus said it should be a template of how to produce a news package ready for broadcast. He said it was "fantastically constructed" Liam's package worked so well because he thought of his pictures. His piece to camera was in front of a crane and he even had three lots of sequences.

This week's bulletin was very successful, with Angus giving everyones stories a lot of praise. It finally feels like reporters have understood how to tell a story after Ian Anderson gave everyone a masterclass last week on how to do so. People have thought about their pictures, their natsot and this has allowed them to really tell the story.

Angus also highlighted that the team work in the news room this week was fantastic. Editors and reporters were challenging the problems and everyone was helping each other to overcome them.- Angus said this really reflects a real news room.

A big national story hit our headlines Wednesday morning, the day of our news bulletin. Shipyard production in Portsmouth was announced to end effecting thousands of jobs. Our finance reporter Harvey Taylor covered this story by doing a piece to camera live from our news room. I think this works best as the news room is more interesting that the green room.

From the feedback from Angus and Will we have been given a few pointers to focus on:

- Rehearse presenting earlier if we can to reduce the chances of mistakes and to be sure of the script.

- Extend headlines so there are no black holes.

- Need to know what the story is about before hearing an interview

- Sports links need to be improved

- Put the reporters personality into the 'and finally' story

- Don't assume your audience know what you are talking about, explain it. This point has popped up every week from the guest editors so i think this should be our biggest focus now.

- Be aware of jump cuts when editing.

- Be careful not to repeat facts and sentences with what the presenter has said in the link and in the package.

Will Boden also gave us some general tips as a journalist.

- Be polite when you interview people but don't be afraid to go back to a question and ask it again if they haven't answered it properly.

- Tell your interviewee what you want from the interviewee. If its a 20 second grab then tell them that.

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