Access Winchester Week 5: Halloween

This week's Access Winchester was a Halloween special. It gave us a good theme to go by. In this week's access there was mine and Emma's Ghost Walk in Winchester with the Supernatural Tours, Jack presented and told us some places to go this halloween in Winchester and Harry Parkhill did a 'Top Five Halloween Films' review, we also included a makeup tutorial from our fashion specialist magazine Absolutely, they showed us 'how to create a smokey eye.' 

Overall this week has again improved from the last. We are finally understanding the structure of this show and we have captured the right reviewing style in our packages. We have remained impartial. Rather than just promoting an event, which you feel like you have to, we are reviewing it instead. Giving our own fair opinion on it and not taking it too seriously. 

I particularly liked Harry Parkhills Halloween film review, he used fair dealing by reviewing the films and places them in a top five sequence. His presenting style is confident and fun which suits access Winchester. He also used a special feature on final cut pro called 'Ken Burns' to place the film trailer above to the side of his head. This looked really professional and reflects something you would see on TV. I would like to use this effect/style on the next review we do on Access. 

Myself and Emma Jefferies joined an organisation called Supernautral Tours Uk on a Ghost Tour around Winchester. We didn't really know what to expect from this tour.. whether or not it will be scary. Fortunatly it wasn't scary at all. Before we edited/filmed the footage from the ghost tour we knew we wanted it to look like the television programme Most Haunted. This worked well for us to study something we wanted our package to look like as we used the same conventions in our package and this worked really well. We spent a lot of time editing this package, going crazy with filters and music/sound effects. Our lecturer Chris Horrie advised us to go even more out with the special effects and add more sound effects and we really should of used graphics. The graphics would of allowed us to really take the tour not too serious. 

Me and Emma Jefferies with the mysterious figure on the Ghost Tour.

Things to focus on with our next Access Winchester:
- Make stings shorter.. this week's were too long.
- Time is quality not quantity, only give the packages the length they deserve. Our ghost tour package was too lengthy and we agreed it could of been shortened down. 

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