WINOL week 5 review/feedback

In this week's bulletin the sports section really stood out for me.  I particularly like the sports section this week that seems to have finally reached a standard that would be near ready for broadcast. All the packages were nicely filmed and the football match included a well shot interview and the footage was clear and held enough time following the goals.

Our Guest editor this week was BBC South Today's Chris Coneybeer. He produces, films and edits vt's every week so he gave us constructive feedback on our bulletin and individuals news packages.
He told us all to focus on:
- Our pictures. Show and tell your viewers what is going on. For example if you mention the council remind people what their local council does by showing them.

- Graphics on VT's take a lot of work but they need to be understood by viewers. This weeks gas figures were too complicated and needed more explanation

- If you can't interview the person you intended to then get vox-pox. Chris Coneybeer said we should "Talk to people on the street to respond to your story." He also said it would give you more sound bites for your package. Making it more interesting overall.

- Don't stay in vision for long piece to camera's. If you have to do a lengthy piece to camera, like Kate Drummond's crime story this week, then use the accused photo more than once to break the piece to camera up.

- Keep the link for the 'coming up' shorter. This week's was too wordy.

Ian Anderson also gave us more to focus on:

- Develop your story and make sure you get plenty of pictures to tell your story.

- In the Prince Edward story the reporter needed to tell people why Prince Edward visited previously as the old pictures were confusing. And if you're going to use still shots make sure they are focused and not blurry.

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