Access Winchester Week 4

App World Convention, English National Ballet 'Le Corsaire', JSB song interview,

Our fourth Access Winchester was the most successful yet. This show featured Jack and Liam presenting from the App convention 'App World' in London. The presenting style was full of humour and special effects, perfect for the style of this show.

It was great to see the apps and games from the app show.

I went to the ballet at the Mayflower. This package relied on the professional video trailer of the show. The English national ballet kindly let me use this for my review. This is an example of fair dealing.

Tips to improve my piece to camera:
- Whilst doing a piece to camera at an event like the theatre film yourself walking through the crowds. I recorded my ptc before the audience arrived. I should of filmed the ptc when everyone had arrived and they were waiting to go in. This would of made my ptc more real and interesting.

- Make sure you say the show name right! Luckily I was able to re-recorded how i said 'le corsaire' in my script over the pictures. But in my ptc I had to leave it unfortunately.

I really worked on my script this week. The original scripting sounded too positive so I was advised to make it sound like i really know what I was talking about and add balance.
So i really did add balance and my lecturer gave me a few classical oprah names to drop in. Overall I am pleased with how this sounded.

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