WINOL Week 9

At WINOL we are award winning journalists now as we won the news day of the year at the BJTC awards. Our special bulletin on The Budget won the award.

Head of ITV praised us:

I contributed to this bulletin with my economics report from outside the bank of England in London.

This weeks WINOL bulletin came together even though we were limited in terms of the amount of stories we had. I think we should of led with the BJTC awards but luckily we did manage to put it into our bulletin on the day when Liam Garrahan turned the story around in a few hours.

This week Angus particularly told us to focus more on getting our sound quality right. Myself and Emma Jeffieres experienced some technical sound problems this week with our radio mics not working. Angus said we should always have a back up and in particularly we should focus on getting the sound of our PTC right. Zeena's PTC in her care home story was too noisy. The gun mic could of been nearer her mouth and we could of filmed her in a closer shot so the microphone wasn't in vision, this is what Angus Scott advised us. But other than that the care home package was excellent as Zeena found a case study and started with it. This shows she overcome filming issues as she may have been limited in terms of what shots she could get from a care home. The case study is illustrate and works really well.

In the headlines we used two still shots. Angus advised us that this shouldn't happen again. Headlines are all about moving pictures and having two still images just isn't really acceptable.

Lucy Wilson's world vision story was turned around really well. She foucused more on the interview as this was great. She decided to focus more on the one to one exlcusive interview rather than the speech the world vision man made. Angus advised us that if we do here a speech before you interview someone listen to it and make notes as you can bring up the issues the person raises in the public speech in your own private interview. Lucy then voiced over the pictures which worked much better than just hearing him speak to the public. Her package included three SOT of the interviewee this was fine but it shouldn't be repeated in other stories and we shouldn't always make our packages like this.

On Emma's choir OOV piece somebody turned off the sound completely. I helped edit this and this wasn't the case when I edited it. I ensured I left the sound on so that was a shame to not hear it on the bulletin. The SOT was really nice of the choir and I am disappointed that the sound wasn't used.

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