WINOL Week Three Review

In terms of circulation I think our website could be doing a lot better considering the quantity of work that is submitted every week. With five online magazines, news stories and live weekly bulletin and Access Winchester with the showbiz events we should be generating a lot more viewers with the amount of choice the website offers people.

The specialist magazines are generating the most views since we've been back in September. Where as it should be people viewing our news first and then people 'staying for features,' it seems to be the other way around.

Our new publication Access Winchester which myself, Jack Webb and Emma Jefferies have been working on is doing well in traffic terms and considering it is new its harder to get it out there. It has received more views on YouTube this could be because the stories are more national topics and more niche for example War Horse fans can view our footage here. 

The Minecraft story and VT produced by Liam Garraham has been the biggest single article out of them all on WINOL. Again this is a national topic which attracts a niche audience of people who love Minecraft. The second biggest read story is Tom Wright's crime story about the fugitive who was jailed. 
 This could be because his story was on the front page of the website and Tom got his story online early even before his VT was ready giving it more shelf life. (People should be fighting to get their story published on the front page more) 

In Angus Scott's feedback of the bulletin he highlighted that we didn't focus on Matt Spencers graduation story where he found the fact that people are 20% more likely to get a job if they are from Winchester Uni. I think because the focus of this package was the graduation the viewer got distracted from the biggest point. We should of pushed this line to the top and pushed it out more. 

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