War Horse Launch

 Today myself and Emma Jefferies attended the launch of War Horse at the Mayflower theatre Southampton. 

I was kindly given this opportunity when the press officer for the theatre invited me. I have also been given tickets to the English National Ballet in two weeks time and The Nutcracker on Ice. 

I love the theatre and to be given this opportunity to report for our course's What's On show has been excellent. 

Plus the Mayflower theatre is beautiful too!

War Horse was outstanding. We heard from the Puppeteer Director Jimmy who gave us an in depth speech about how the horse puppets work. 

It's much more complicated than you think. And that is the art of pupperty. You believe the being is real. These horse puppets made for the show are very life like. 

They perform horse noises and they can even gallop and trot. The puppet mimics exactly what a horse does. 

The puppeteers have been trained in depth. They have even spent time with horses to understand their movement. 

After hearing all about the horses we amazingly got to meet Joey. The main 'War Horse.' 

He walked from the back of the theatre up to the stage. The puppet is worked by three men. One for the head. One for the front legs and one for the back. 

This truly is an art. 

At the end of the launch me and Emma were able to go on stage and interact with the horse. 

We also interviewed the three puppeteers and we interviewed the song man Tim who sings throughout the stage show. 

I couldn't tell you and everyone enough how amazed I was by these puppets. 

Today we got a tiny glimpse of how amazing the stage show is. And there is without any doubt that I would like to see this when the show is on at the Mayflower Theatre Southampton in February next year. 

The video for our what's on 'Access Winchester' show will be up tomorrow. Just you wait!

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