Access Winchester Week Three

Access Winchester Review
Octoberfest, Live Mic & Coffee House Session.

This weeks Access Winchester wasn't quite there editorially. Where this is a new show we hadn't quite crafted what we wanted it to look like straight away. I'm more confident that next weeks show will be a better improvement. 

We have some jazzy new opening credits to work with. These are used in the headlines. 
In the headlines we will have four stories and the presenter will end with 'but first.' This is the first week where we have established how we want the headlines to look. Obviously the sound this week wasn't right but where we were focusing on the structure of the headlines our sound and other editorial techniques fell out of the window a bit. 

In terms of 'access' this week wasn't a strong week. Jack filmed Octoberfest in Basingstoke and the Live Mic session at a pub in Winchester and we used another Coffee House session which we shouldn't rely on every week. I think with these events its all about forward planning as we need to get in their early and for me this was my weakness this week. 

I voiced over the Octoberfest when really this package really needed a strong ptc at the event and some 'gonzo' journalism throughout. My voice over on the other hand was just describing the event. It was too positive and we need to remained balanced we shouldn't be all positive. 

The live mic was a good event as the pictures were good and its a local and free event to attend. Generally something people might want to go to. Again the vt needed a sign off and a ptc. 

I think this week as a whole was the weakest but now we have some jazzy opening credits ready and edited for the headlines everything should look a lot smoother for the next week. 

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