WINOL week 5: Ford

So my beat for this week was to continue with the Ford closure story. In week 4 I covered the Ford factory closure story. The factory had closed just under a week before ( unfortunately I was in London and missed out on covering this for winol the week before) However the closure of the Ford factory in Southampton was still fresh and I new it was something we had to cover on Winol. 500 jobs will be cut and it puts strain on the council and the union to beat unemployment.

The first Ford package I produced was good, it was in the bulletin. But I was faced with many problems this week. I was trying to get permission to go inside the factory; of course that was mission impossible. Instead I filmed from outside the factory on public pathway and the shots I got were ok. I'm still not the greatest camera women. But I've definitely improved from my first week. I just need to make sure I hold the shots for longer as my first Ford package was a bit too quick with image changes.

I really wanted an interview with Unite the Union. They represent the workers at Ford and would give me a good impression on how bad the news was for them. However after phoning many officers at the union every one was busy. Mostly up in London trying to solve all the problems. I spoke to Fred Hanna, the business secretary for our region. Hopefully in weeks to come I can grab an interview with him as he told me to phone him on the 19th.
I was also unable to get interviews with the workers. Really they would have been the best as I’m sure they are not too happy about losing their jobs. But again I didn’t meet any of the workers. There were no workers outside the factory when I was there.

Instead for the first package I got an interview with Councillor Keith House, Lib Dem leader of Eastleigh Borough council. He gave me some good quotes such as 'this is such sad news.' The kind of questions I was asking him is what the council would like to see the land being used for. He said housing is likely but a new working place would be better like an Enterprise zone.

In my second week i continued with this story. New figures had come out that the production will continue in Turkey. + The factory in Turkey received a 80 million pound EU loan to improve factory quite a few months ago.
Local Mp's are all challenging central government and asking for my answers to why our taxpayers money went there. David Camera has spoke about Southampton and getting these people new jobs.

I wanted to interview UKIP leader, Nigel Farage. He challenged George Osbourne and asked him why he went ahead and allowed the EU loan to Turkey to happen. But Nigel Farage is in Canada at the moment. But I was passed onto his assistant Ray Finch he told me he knew a lot about the Ford factory loans. I interviewed Ray Finch, he gave me good quotes. But I was faced with making sure I had balance in this piece. So in my PTC I used a quote from Ford that said the EU loan had nothing to do with the closure.

Both these packages lack pictures and they are very factual. I would find it easier making these into written packages but they do work well on winol.

                                                                    week 5 winol

(week 4 package)

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