Hampshire and the Isle of Wight Police debate at the University of Winchester

Last night the University of winchester held the Police and Crime commissioner debate. The whole event was organised by Lou' O'brien, third year journalism student. The stripe auditorium was full and all the candidates came.
My role was to to be the usher to all the candidates. I had to make sure tensions were eased whilst all the candidates met before the debate.

I felt prepared enough, once researching, who all the candidates were. They were all polite and friendly and I didn't have too much trouble taking to each individual. Mostly all of the candidates were willing to tell me nearly everything about themselves. I do love listening to people however for this event I had to remain impartial. When you are talking to someone on a personal level it is a challenge to stay impartial.

Note to self: always take a little note pad everywhere. I got a lot of juicy quotes and information from candidates about crime in Hampshire.

The whole evening was a success. I think the debate could of taken a bit longer and  more audience questions could of taken place. The general view I heard from people was that they still couldn't see who the clear winner could be.

Here are a list of the candidates:

David Goodall - Liberal Democrat- David is an Eastleigh councillor and the son of a former Hampshire police inspector. He brother is also in the police force. David is Project Manager for an international research and development company. He is experienced in managing budgets and taking critical decisions

Simon Hayes - Independent Simon is standing free & Independent of any Party political pressure or obligation. I believe that you, not Party politicians, should decide how you want to be Policed. I will make it possible for your voice to be heard, so together we can do what works to cut Crime and make our communities safer places to live.

Don Jerrard - Justice and Anti-Corruption Party- Don is a retired and expert in the the justice system. He wants the police complaints authority to be independent and renewed.
Don has long expressed his concern at the way in which the Hampshire police have failed to protect victims of crime because of incompetence, vested interests or lack of effective leadership. He also told me that he would not be taking the wage money.

Michael Mates - Conservative- Michael has served the British Army and is a Conservative Party politician who was the Member of Parliament (MP) for the constituency of East Hampshire from 1974 to 2010. In terms of complaints made against the police force he said he wants everyone to come to to him first if he is commissioner. He would always be in contactable.

Jacqui Rayment - Labour- Jacqui has experience of working close with the police as she is the former chair of the Hampshire Police Authority. He also called himself the 'cyber' commissioner.

Stephen West - UKIP- He said he wants to make sure the relationship between citizens and the police force were in place so people could go to their community police officer. He wants people to safe in their own community. He vowed that you could always contact him via twitter and he'll always be there.

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