The 1988 Copyright Act allows the creator of an work be it writing, photography or video work exclusive rights to it. It is a breach of copyright if you have used someones work without their permission.
Without copyright law there could be no profit for a journalist. Giving up rights to copyright is how journalists make their money. Copyright applies to work that has been done, not ideas.
You are likely to licence your work in return for payment.
  • A Contract is made between you and an employer. Your employer has the rights to use your work and make money from it, even if its millions you will only receive the agreed fee/wage that you had previously made.
  • As a journalist you have moral rights- your work must identify yourself as the author of the work. And we have the right to prevent the article being altered where it could effect your reputation.
Fair Dealing is in place if sued for copyright issues in court.
Fair dealing for criticism or review.
or for reporting current events.
These are defences allowed by copyright law against actions for infringement. You are able to 'lift' quotes from other newspaper if the story is in public interest as long as the quote is short' and sound bite under fair dealing. As long as your give attributes to the source and do not pass if of as your own work.

So now I'm off to remove all the photos on this blog where I have breached copyright issues, I haven't asked for permission to use the images therefore I cannot use them. I could however give credit to the creator of the photograph.

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