Read Newspapers = Pass degree

This was the clear message today. Basically if I want to pass this degree I must divert my learning habits away from lower education where I was spoon fed information of 'how to pass an exam' and READ, read lots of newspapers. I love watching Television, this is my opinion, and I'm pretty sure everyone else does too. BUT for this term I must stop watching BBC news, and absorb my brain with papers and listen to BBC Radio 4's Today's programme at 8am everyday.

Today we were introduced to the Journalism Now part of the course, this is basically getting nitty gritty with newspapers at first hand. I must attend all my news clinics and seminars with The Mirror. Only 45p a day i  think i can manage that.

I've learnt some newspaper jargon to show off today, I may as well get used to saying it.

All newspapers have a standing head, its the title of the newspapers and includes the headline. All newspapers are published in a modular layout, in boxes. Everything is written in para's.
There are things called barkers, this go through to features. They are mainly there to power sell.
There is two types of content in newspapers, advertising and editorial.
Advertising is completely separate to journalistic work, if you wrote about the advert this could create malice.
Editorial is basically all the news in the paper, some people get this messed up with the 'editors letter'. The editors letter is a feature at the end of the paper which includes comment from the editor about the top stories of the day.
There are two types of news, scheduled and breaking news. Scheduled news has to be produced in a time scale and breaking news, the most exciting rarely happens.

Here's what the front page of The I newspaper will look tomorrow, 29th October. As you can see Vincent Tabak has been proven guilty to murdering Joanna Yeates and has been sentenced to life in prision. This story has been spirlling for days so it is interesting to see the case end.

I'm following @SkyNews on Twitter, its good to see the front pages for tomorrows newspapers, keeps me a little bit more up to date.

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