C5's Big Brother eviction night, audience experience...

On Friday evening I managed to drive all the way down to North London to Elstree Studios to watch the BB eviction, pretty sad right. But I thought it would be an interesting experience. I managed to get two tickets and dragged my boyfriend along. Driving around London is pretty scary, I felt like I was in a different and crazy country. Anyway I arrived on time and early to queue. Felt like I was queuing for a ride it took forever, it was absolutely freezing as well.
The studio is outside but all the staging and walls were impressive, you don't just feel out in the open, you can tell it's a studio. I got to meet Brain, the gay dude who now presents it. He was entertaining, doing funny dance moves in between reading scripts. It was interesting to see how many cameras there are, the main one was the swinging panning one that nearly hit me on the head.
It made me realise how fake and set up reality shows like these are. The eviction wasn't even live, even though it says it is. It was actually prerecorded at 9.30 not 11! You can tell who is going to win as the smartly edited programme focuses on individuals, and of course some people constantly have the camera on the giving them more viewing time therefore making the viewers like them more. All the paps came out at the end, they had some awesome cameras, but they were all men.....very stereotypical, i don't really know why I've never seen a female pap.
Anyhow the person evicted was the villain, this was pretty cool as we got to boo and shout things at him, ended up sounding pretty husky after, sore throat.