Family friendly apps feature

1. Olly The Little White Van
Follow the adventures of Olly and his friends in this interactive game. There are two games to play, Delivery Race and Fix It. Children can navigate the van to the parcels or fix various vans, like a puzzle. Young fans of the show can help Olly to fix his friends and deliver important packages. Ideal for children aged 4+.

2. My Pregnancy Today- The Baby Center
Simply enter your baby's due date and your phone turns into an expert guide for each day of your pregnancy. Feel more prepared for your baby's birth and get the answers you need, whenever you need them. With Fetal development images, a nutritional guide and videos you will feel more prepared.  

3. Miffy goes flying
Miffy is back and ready to go flying in her Uncle’s aeroplane. They go on a trip over land, forest and sea. Very young children can engage with the story, whereas older children can play the three interactive games.

4. Spit Spot
Find activity ideas for your children such as cooking, craft or games. You can choose activities based on how much time you’ve got and the type of activities you want. The activities come with easy instructions and tips.

5. The Day Baby Was Born- Tommee Tippee
Having a new baby is a once in a lifetime journey and with so much happening quickly it can be hard to remember every detail. But now thanks to Tommee Tippee, parents can cherish their personal memories in an exciting and innovative way by making a personalised storybook.

6.Dojit games, Home Bear
Help the bear find his way home whilst he stumbles across obstacles like walls and holes in the ground. Using tools you can help the bear overcome the obstacles, like using a ladder to climb. There are levels on this game therefore the levels of difficultly increase.

7. PoppetNeons, PoppetUniverse Limited
Get some quite time whilst your little ones piece together these interactive puzzles. Once the puzzles are completed the name is revealed, helping your child recognise words. You won’t see any computer-generated graphics here, all the illustrations are hand crafted by an artist. The app is silent- no distractions for you. The paid version Poppetpuzzles is available with 36 puzzles.

8. Guided Play
This learning app is for parents to play with their children and to teach them at the same time. There are 77 tips for sound related play including drumming, clapping, shaking, listening and speaking sounds. In the progress summery feature you can record the words and concepts that you have introduced to your child. Aimed for children aged 1-4 years.

9. Explore Learning Times Tables App
Encourage children to have fun while they practice their times tables. The Times Table Guide lists all the times tables that are available to practice and several games that offer children a variety of fun ways to challenge themselves and learn. Suitable for school children.

10.  ShopChat 
Now you can put your shopping lists and conversations in one place to keep you on top of it all. Invite your friends to join the app and then you can share your shopping lists and wishes with them.

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