David Cameron visits Eastleigh for the by-election

David Cameron and Maria Hutchings visiting B&Q Eastleigh
Me pictured far left 

Luke Garrett, Me, Louis O'Brien, 

Yesterday I had the opportunity to help film the Prime Minister's appearance at Eastleigh. He visited the B&Q headquarters to speak to the workers they are support Conservative candidate Maria Hutchings with her campaigning. 

Me and too fellow students went to the headquarters to film the event. Although we were not allowed to enter the building, because the press officers had already arranged who was allowed in, this being Sky who had the main coverage of the event and then BBC, ITV and C4. 

Through the help of useful contacts we were able to hear about his event. 

We have some very nice footage of David Cameron that will be up on our University's news website winol.co.uk very soon. 

Things are getting underway with the by-election. I have been following the Labour party and their campaigning and interviewed MP Harriet Harman whilst she visited a Barton Peveril, a local college, to help labour candidate, John O'Farrell, on his campaign. 

I'll also be posting an article very soon about women working in broadcast journalism. I was one of very few girls who was at the press event for David Cameron. It was interesting to see how many men do this as their profession and very few women. Is that because men are better and suited? Or are women put off? I most certainly enjoy doing it and it gives you a little confidence boost when you realise you are the only girl. I'll be writing a piece about this in some days to come. 

Cheeky look at the WINOL camera

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