New Year New Macbook!

So the time has finally arrived and I've joined the Macbook club. I purchased a Macbook Air
1: Because it will be easy to carry at uni. 
2: I can use all the programmes that I have at uni on here too.

The second semester of year 2 at uni is yet to start. I completed the first semester on WINOL and dug deep into the world of politics. My first role on WINOL was the local politics reporter.
I really enjoyed working on the news team for WINOL. Politics was tricky as the political parties will try and 'create a story' rather than it being a true news story. It has been difficult not to get too caught up in the politics.

For the next semester on WINOL I have not yet decided what role I want.
 It will either be a reporting role for the news bulletin or I could take on Features. 
I really enjoy the challenge of news and i'm not sure if its too early to step away from news. News is what I wanted to embrace on this course so perhaps i'll stay on news. But i'll soon find out my role from next Monday and keep you updated on here.

For now I will play around on my Macbook Air

- Happy New Year all :)

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