WINOL week 8: Regional growth fund/ Ford/ Bin collections

WINOL week 7

The week commencing 26/11/12:
I wanted to produce a news package for the bulletin about the regional growth fund in Southampton. Southampton city council had agreed to accept the £2m to support the start up of local businesses and create new jobs.

The money that was due to be released next summer will come sooner to the city  because of the imminent closing Ford factory.

I have wanted to follow the updates of the Ford workers in Southampton throughout this semester. The £2m will be given from central government and the council urge unemployed workers to appeal to to start up their own business. This story more uplifting and about how new jobs can be created.

The redundant Ford workers are represented by Unite the Union. I wanted to interview somebody from the union. To understand what this money could do to help them at Ford. Quite frankly the Union regional manager Fred Hanna told me on the phone that this money isn't enough and most of the workers at Ford are not interested in starting up their own 'entrepreneur' type business.

I video interviewed a Union representative Andrew Cox, he is the deputy convener at the Ford plant in Southampton. He gave me a useful interview about how this money from government doesn't solve enough problems.

Unfortunately I didn't manage to interview anyone from the council. But there was a statement from the leader of the council, Richard Williams that related to the regional growth fund.

This news story wasn't visual enough to be part of the bulletin. So we came up with an idea in the news meeting. The idea was to begin the package discussing the grant that had be won by the council to continue Bin collections. This money was four times as more.

I was faced with a major problem this week. The two conflicting stories that included money figures did not relate to each other. But because I put the two together I was faced with the issue of balance and not enough detail.

It was disappointing not to make the bulletin this week as I found the story about the regional growth fund interesting. I was especially interested in what the Union thought of this money. I partially wanted to follow up about how to overcome unemployment in Hampshire.

The sequence I produced for the package was of a bin van collecting waste. This is one of the most visually interesting things I have filmed for WINOL this semester, so it was disappointing not to make the bulletin.

This week was a learning curve.
- I must make the stories facts more detailed.
- achieve better balance than just recording a PTC.
- make sure two stories link together before I place them together.

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