Winol Week Four

Guest Editor Graham Bell:

This weeks guest editor was Graham Bell who is a Journalism graduate from the University of Winchester. He did exactly the same course 4 years ago. He now is the boss at Omnisport and has employed people who have also graduated from this Journalism course over the past few years and told us that we should make the most of the opportunity we have here at Winchester News Online and our skills on winol are 'valuable' for the job. I think he is a great guest editor for us to meet and receive advice from because he has been exactly where I am today. Along with advice from Chris and Brian, we had Ian Anderson and Angus Scott, helping out with each journalists packages and giving their own personal advice on packages and the bulletin as a whole.

Angus pointed out: 
- We must not use excuses anymore. Nobody cares why you haven't achieved certain things in your story. The viewers only see the finished product so we should all focus on making the best we can out of our stories. 

-Focus on getting the best pictures. We are a visual media therefore our bulletin relys on pictures. This week was great in terms of stories but the pictures were weak we didn't have any sequences. 

- GET COVERING SHOTS on interviews. Every time you interview someone you should get some shots of them to use to establish who the interviewee is or use as cutaways. Ben's Brine interview in London looked great but no covering shots were used. Not even of Big Ben. 

- Get a reaction side to your story/ the opposing side. 

- Make graphics interesting. Nadine's gas price graphic had great moving arrows but the background was grey/white and not very interesting. 

- The crime states package wasn't strong because no story was told. Make interviews worth while by constructing the story. Rather than just uploading the interview. 

- Always use a gun mic/ radio mic when interviewing. 

- Always explain what you are talking about. (Spencer's Egg piece didn't do this) We shouldn't assume our viewers will know. 

- BANNED: 'I'm here at' 

- Always film sequences and a range of shots to give yourself a lot to work with when editing. 

- Always use NATSOT if it will be useful/ make sense. 

Graham Bell added: 

- Drag your shot to get a better flow. Drag the sound before the picture. 

- Don't presume audience know about everything you reference to. Explain!

- Always get a reaction interview. 

Ian Anderson added: 

- We need to develop our stories, get the reaction. 

- Technical problems need to be sorted especially the sound. 

- Work on filming sequences

Overall this weeks bulletin was 'story rich' with some fantastic interviews which show off our capability on winol. But the news stories lacked good pictures. And Angus Scott highlighted that this was a problem. We are a visual media so our main focus should be our pictures eg, sequences and range of shots. The questions we are faced with this week is how improve our packages through our pictures? 

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