The Best of Winol 2013

Here is the super bulletin we have constructed a the end of our Winchester News Online year. The bulletin highlights all of our best stories of the year. 

After some discussion we all decided to create 'the best of' WINOL.' Each reporter made a 'super package' for their beat. Mine was finance. I choose to cover the Ford factory closure, one of my biggest ongoing stories on WINOL I also included The Budget coverage from London. Here I showed my piece to camera, as this showed I was there on the day. I also included the bankers vox-pox interviews and newly appointed local MP Mike Thorntons thoughts of The Budget outside Westminster. I also included Matt Spencers' MOD investment package as this balance well and sred some light on all the doom and gloom. I felt I needed an uplifting package that would highlight some good financial news for Southampton. Although one factory was closing other companies are investing and expanding.

After some much needed thought from the team on WINOL we all decided that the studio isn't showing off our best ability because in the studio we cannot film in HD.  So the presenting was filmed outside to allow us to film in HD. We used our surrounding university area to film and we got to show of some spectacular views. I love the opening shot of Nadine on the top of a roof. It looks very professional, creative and much better in HD. Nadine Forshaw presented the super bulletin, she did particularly well on this because she only stepped in last minute to present as our usual presenter had to dash away. But but she did a great job, none the less!

The only negative is the link to my package is missing but it will be added soon. 

The best part of this super bulletin was the chance we had to revisit our previous packages. Looking at the big names from the Eastleigh's By-Election, Christina's court reports and it was particularly nice to see a well structured features package. Emma Hofberg's voice over is brilliant and she captures what the features team have produced really well. 

Overall this bulletin has worked well. I like the bed of music that was used throughout the packages and the wipes between packages really gave the bulletin pace and drama. 

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