WINOL Week 2

This week’s WINOL was another sucessful bulletin. 

Story wise I was a little limited at the beginning of the week. I was pretty much set with the story I planned to do and in the news meeting the idea of the story fell through and we all decided it would work better as a feature. So i’ll be attempting to make a feature about “ Should the voting age be lowered to 16.” 

HFRC FINANCE AND BUDGET MEETING: I didn’t have any back up stories so I was advised to attend the Finance and Budget meeting at the Hampshire Fire and Rescue service headquarters. The meeting had a board of the people that discussed the budget and there were also councillors. 
During the budget the main gist I discovered was that the Fire and Rescue services in Hampshire were doing well compared to others in the country but overall the finance was under budget. In the next five years the service needs to invest in money.
The only potential story I got from this was that they are looking to find a private company to invest with. The company would be bought from Hampshire Fire and Rescue services and they could have a separate company. 
The council also agreed and voted to ‘freeze’ the government money so council tax can remain the same price for a year. Rather than voting for the opposite which would be to raise council tax. 
I didn’t get an interview with anyone whilst attending the meeting as I didn’t feel confident enough with what the story could be and whether I know enough- maybe a little foolish of me. 
The potential stories from this budget meeting require me to spend a lot of time getting the facts right and in a day to turn the story round I felt this could be better to spend some time on.
I did acquire a few contacts I could go to if It needed be. 

However out of chance of fate I did eventually find a story that I could potentially produce. 
Winchester City Council released a press release that was about their Micro Business Grants. Small local business could apply to receive a grant to fund their business. 
I used the press release and found a case story from this.
This story would not of worked if i didn’t find a case study as picture wise it would of been weak.
I phoned local Milliner who designs hats and headpieces who had received the micro business grant from the council. She offered me her time for an interview that went very well. 


Positives: My package was success because I had used a case study. I even made sure I had a sequence for it. Jack Webb did most of my filming. I started the package following the one i produced last week about the high street shops HMV and blockbuster going into administration. I should of however placed this fact last and I should of started with the case study and then go on to the part about the council. 

Negatives: I was unable to get a interview with a councillor. This would of been really useful but due to me leaving it un till late in the week and due to the councillor being busy I was not able to get a video interview. I did however already have a written quote from the councilor this at least provided me with the council’s side to this story. Although I do like using written statements in this package it was my only last choice. 
I finished the package with a SOT (sound on tape, interview)
and then my SOQ (standard out cue/ signing off) I should of said a line at least before my sign off as this did sound odd signing off straight after the interview. And this is something Angus had already pointed out. At the time that did sound odd to me but I didn’t change it unfortunately. 
Angus also pointed out that I didn’t show anyone the Milliners website as she mentions this is something she’d spent her grant on. This would of worked well if i did at it would make more sense of my package. 

Overall this week’s bulletin was had a good range of stories. We covered Price Edward opening a building at the university. We had a very good crime report about a mosque hoax. We followed up on the Wind Farm story which we have followed in the weeks before, stories like this always work well as you can cover them for a majority of your time producing WINOL. The and finally this week about Lambs was covered really well by Ellen, I really liked the tone in her voice that she used but it was also interesting to focus on the recent lamb disease schmallenberg and put a positive local angle on it. 

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