Labour continues to campaign, Ed Balls joins John O'Farrell

Today I interviewed MP and Labour shadow Chancellor Ed Balls. I did very well to get this interview as all of the big names were there today and the media scrum has yet again joined me on my Eastleigh mission.

I asked Ed two simple questions. The first about why young people should vote Labour. And I challenged him on what it is Labour will do differently.
The second question was about unemployment and the Ford Factory. I asked him if he thought it could of been handled differently.

The first question is a national question that applies to the Eastleigh by-election and the national election which will soon come round.

Ed Balls: ‘Lib Dems have lost the trust of young people’

Labour MP and shadow Chancellor Ed Balls visited Eastleigh today to support the Labour candidate John O’Farrell in the run up to the Eastleigh By-Election.
Ed Balls told WINOL: “Many young people voted liberal democrats in the last general including here in Eastleigh because Nick Clegg made a promise he said he wouldn’t increase tuition fees and he broke that promise.”
He added that the Liberal Democrats have “lost trust and “young people feel very badly let down by Nick Clegg.”
His alternative would be to cut tuition fees down by three thousand pounds.
By Faith Thomas

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