Eastleigh By-Election:A day with the Labour activists

Labour Campaigning in Hedge End today with Southampton MP  John Denham

A day in the life of a Labour Campaigner...

After 7 hours door knocking with the Labour campaigners I can officially say I am exhausted! It was a brilliant opportunity to see how hard they campaign. 

Eastleigh hasn't have a labour MP since 1944! These people I met today really want to change that.

They hope that the people in Eastleigh are disappointed with the Lib-Dems and Labour wants to split up the Tory and Lib Dem domination especially since Chris Huhme lied to them and they hope to win the votes this time round. 

I door-knocked in Fair Oak and Hedge End. We knocked on around 500 houses in Hedge End and about 160 people told us they would be voting for Labour, they got around 1 in 5 votes. The majority was split between people saying they were undecided with who they would vote for. UKIP seemed to of impressed the Hedge End community with labour votes being in competition with them. 

We also put a stand up in Hedge End village to talk to the people their. Local Southampton MP, John Denham joined in and asked people to write down what it is they want to see change. 

I think door-knocking today was very successful for Labour. The team are then able to see who is likely to vote for them and they can keep in contact with them during the lead up to the vote- this insures they won't lose potential voters. 

The by-election is on the 28th February so vote if you live in the constituencies, its an important decision and it doesn't come around often. 

The person standing for Labour will be announced tonight. 
John O'Farrell, who writer and sometime presenter for Have I got News For You.
Mark Latham, has worked in network television production.
Sarah Rabbits, is a communications professional and consultant who has worked from the BBC and grew up in Surrey.
Southampton Cllr Andrew Pope 

Southampton Cllr Darren Paffey

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