The week so far

This week the story that I had planned to purse failed. I was going to produce a package about 'should 16 year old's vote?' Unfortunately this is more of a feature. Something that needs a lot of planning. I am planning to produce this as a feature.

After sitting through a finance meeting at the Hampshire Fire and Rescue Service I didn't find a story there and then. A potential story could be produced but I need to do a lot more research.

Instead I found a story from Winchester City Council. The council have a grant set up called the Micro- Business grant. If you run a small business yourself you could apply for a grant of up to £1000

I wanted to cover this story so I found a case study to focus the story on.

A lovely lady, Rachel Drewer, has received a grant from the council to support her with her millinery business. The business is very unique and Rachel has used the grant to build a new website.

Rachel allowed me to visit her today, at her rural home. I saw some on the hats she has made and I interviewed her for my package tomorrow.

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