WINOL Semester 2 Week 1

This is my first package this year. The collapse of the high-street.

The Bulletin 

This week's WINOL went very well. There were no hard-hitting stories but we did have a good variety of stories for the bulletin. I covered the closure of Jessops, and the two shops HMV and Blockbuster that plunged into administration. It was a national story that I could localise. Although I ran this story just on VoxPox I would of liked to get a interview with someone from Blockbuster or HMV. I tried to get an interview with a economics cabinet member in Winchester but he was busy. I also wanted to interview someone from Winchester BID but I was also confronted with issues here too. 

My package: was a national story that was important because all three shops are on the Winchester high-street. 
My main pointer this week was that I didn't use a tripod. Really I have no excuse. But because it was pouring with rain and I was filming on my own I took the choice to film it by hand. I just felt like I could quickly move around the high street- I'm a bit of a clumsy person. 
But this is no excuse. I won't be doing this again i'll always use a tripod. It just makes the shots a lot nicer. 

As a team: We worked very well. This was the first WINOL of the year and everyone had new roles. But everyone produced good stories. We followed up the Sex Hotel story, we had a snow story in there -which included a homeless person. We also followed up the Wind farm story and we had a library opening in Winchester and filmed big Winchester names 'Ken Thornber and Steve Brine.'

Our guest editor this week was David Hayward from the BBC College of Journalism.
The College of Journalism, part of the BBC academy, is a core place where the BBC does it's training. The website is a vital source for us Journalists to use. And as David Hayward said it provides: "tips and pointers."Like how to; film and edit, interview and present.

David Hayward said my story about Blockbuster was good to cover. Although he did pick up on the fact that I didn't use a tripod. He also advised me to allow each shot a time to breath. But on the good pointers for me the package had "nice language" and "clear short sentences." 

Overall he completed WINOL and was impressed by the bulletin and everything we do here. He commented that the presenting was natural by fellow student Harry Parkhill. 

He also added that the BBC college of Journalism focuses particularly on the outlook of News for the future. In particularly they look at social networking and how quickly it can change and the importance of blogging- it can get you a big audience.

Overall a successful week.
Now onto the next.

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