WINOL week 6

I've continued to follow the Ford story this week on Winol.

The biggest updates were
- protests had taken place in Belgium. The Ford factory there closed too, thousands protests and 4300 jobs will be cut.
(This made me realise that this has hit Europe too.)
-Unlike Belgium the Southampton workers have not protested or have they gone on strike.
They have been offered redundancy packages and by the looks of things they are working up until they can no longer work there.
- In Belgium I understand that the redundancy packages were rejected by workers.

I wanted the rest of my package to be about what local Mp's advise workers to do here. Obviously it puts massive strain under Southampton and the job loss figures have risen. New jobs need to be created.
I interviewed Steve Brine Winchester MP this week. He told me what has been happening with central government and ideally what he urges the workers at Southampton to do. He advised workers to stay in contact with the local Enterprise partnership to ensure new jobs can be created.

Getting this interview with Steve Brine was difficult as he is always In London and extremely busy. But I managed to catch up at the train station where he arranged to meet me.
Lou came down and helped me set up equipment and for guidance. I'm getting much more confident with interviewees and the questions I want to ask them are getting clearer.

I wanted to use footage of the protests in Belgium and found some on Youtube. I contacted the person who uploaded the footage and he allowed me to use it. He was extremely helpful luckily! Because knowing what went on in Belgium is hard to know because I can't get there. I asked him to translate what the signs said and he did so and explained to me who the unions were. I also asked him if he had any still images. He sent me two of his own photographs and said feel free to use these too.  So I did!

I found some really good photographs on Flickr of the Ford protest in Belgium and using Creative Commons I used one photo of a Ford car burning and attributed the photographer.

It was vital for me to talk to Ford this week. I got sent two press realises and there were plenty of quotes that said about how Ford are going to make this better.

On Wednesday I came in early to record my voice over. I wanted to use the sound booth room but I couldn't because of training and just used the gun mic in the studio. It sounded ok.

I handed in a completed package at 11 to Nicole as I thought I had finished. Brian told me to change a horrible cut away that I used in Steve Brine's interview so I did so.
Sean gave me some footage from a Ford Press realise. This made my package look so much better and I attributed Ford for that.
I also used a more specific quote from Ford that spoke about Southampton to make the piece more localised. I phoned up someone from Ford but they advised me the quote is in the press realise.

But there was major issue this week for me. I gave my final edited package to Sean who used Ewen's memory stick. I then gave it to Nicole as well to be used on winol.
But on winol they used my first edited package. Brian had given me feedback and I made my package look better. Used footage from Ford and used a different quote and changed the horrible cut away from the interview. But my final edited package wasn't used.

I understand that WINOL was a little hectic this week. The script was late and everything was delayed. But I had my package ready and I kept asking Dan (news editor) when will someone collect my final package?

I think we need to set a deadline for these packages to come in by and whoever is in charge of collecting the packages needs to make sure with reporters what the final one is.

I'll bring this up in the news meeting tomorrow because I can't understand why my re- edited package wasn't used. I received feedback that was about my older package the newer one in my eyes was a lot better.

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