5 News Review: 27/11/12

5 News is the news programme of British broadcaster Channel 5 produced by ITN.
5 News is a 20 minute bulletin. The opening sequence is of a graphic of the 5 News logo which goes straight in to the presenter. There is a modern music bed for the headlines.

The headlines were:
Nadine Dorries
Corrie funeral
Sports Personality of the Year.

Positives points I noted:

The bulletin is very much female orientated. I found this appealing. The presenter is standing, I quite like this touch too.

There were two stories that covered a celebrity genre. The corrie funeral and Nadine Dorries return from the Itv programme 'I'm a celebrity.' These is ideal genre for Tv as many of 5 news viewers watch tv soaps.

The funeral was covered well and to gain footage from inside the church is something I do not see quite often. The piece was slightly long but if channel 5 agreed this is important and want to cover it properly then the piece was done well. There were many interviews with corrie stars.

 A graphic during a flood update was good. The map of the UK showed where the floods have hit and included travel problems that concern the public.

The interview with the man stranded in his house on the top floor hanging out of the window was good. The reporter was in shot whilst the man was leaning out of the window. was pointing the mic at him as he was leaning out of the top window. It really gave good evidence of the flood damage and highlights how many people are stranded.

I particularly liked the second part of this story that focused on the River Bennette In Wales. The interview with the PM- showed the importance of this story and it was a good angle to see what the government plan to do.  

Vox pox were used in coming up- I quite liked this.

Female oriented and led. This changed the tone that many bulletins use. I found this very appealing.


The flood piece was the main leading story but it seemed too long. 2 reporters were used on one story but this wasn't too bad.

Music was used over the graphic of norovirus story. The music was dramatic and creepy, something you would hear on a horror film. With out doubt that did gain my attention and I am sure it will the viewers too. But it made the story seem more dramatic than it should be. Obviously this a tool channel 5 use to grab viewers attention.

The same shots were repeated on the nonvirus story.

The EON story was read out by the news reader. This could of been a package and really I think it may be more important than the virus health story.

The Nadine Dorries story was a PTC outside at Westminster. Unfortunately the interview with Nadine wasn't recorded. I did however like how he included to explain why. The reporter spoke clearly and made a non visual story interesting. This story could of been a bit lower in the bulletin but the celebrity theme of this is important for tv.

The Abc news story seemed a bit too short and I don't know why they used Abc coverage?

The reporter is in shot during vox pox and interviews. I am not completely sure if like this or not. It is definitely something that interested me. But both of the reporters, Minnie Stephenson and Rebecca Barry looked so similar. (Same haircut) I actually thought they were the same reporters.

The vox pox interviews about the sports personality nominees were good but the last one made the tone of this bulletin even more light hearted.

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