Winol: Week Two

Last weeks Winol bulletin, 17/10/12 was the second of the year. After making most of my mistakes in the first week with the housing story I covered I felt much more fresh minded in terms of what I needed to produce this week.

I discovered that when producing a news story I must film plenty of sequences. So when it comes to editing I am left with a lot to choose from in terms of what I can use to make my vt visually interesting.

My second story for winol was about the new Payment machines on Itchen Toll bridge that will not offer change and cut jobs. The story was much more visually interesting however I struggled to find a clear angle to this story. I could of stuck to the idea that this toll bride will cut jobs because the manned booths will be replaced with new automated pay machines. Or i could of taken the angle that drivers are angered that the new machines will not give change. It would of made the story more clearer if i had stuck to one angle. 

I feel I am comfortable at arranging interviews and getting vox pox but now I need to focus on writing a better script and thinking more visually. 

The vt did make the bulletin so I am happy with that.

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