My first WINOL

Here is my first written story for WINOL :D
Review of my package to come...

Winchester City Council plan on building 300 new homes in Winchester in the next 10 years, thanks to the New Homes Delivery programme.

The portfolio holder for New Homes Delivery, Ian Tait, told the council meeting that the cabinet are pushing ahead with plans for 70 new council homes across the district.

But Liberal Democrats are disappointed in how this has been communicated to the public.

Anyone with a piece of council land near them will have housing built on them.

This was the message from councilor Ian Tait

The Liberal Democrat councilor, Kelsey Learney, told me “We don’t feel this is acceptable to treat people like that”

But Ian Tait said “We are learning our way through this and this is something new for us, there will be lessons to learn, and I apologise to people.”

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