Goodbye Gcse, Hello EBaccs

So today the Government confirmed that from 2015 GCSE's for English, Maths and science will be scrapped and replaced by the new English Baccalaureate Certificates (EBaccs)
The news was unveiled by Education Secretary, Michael Gove, who has backed this idea all along.
But should we be more radical?... The Labour party have obviously opposed this announcement as the new Tory led government go back to basics.

I feel as though the Government's view on this is a bit backward thinking. However it could possibly work. It would mean no more competition between exam boards. However those taking exams in other subjects will still be under the GCSE board and they could be deemed lower and devaluing, that is in my opinion.
On the other hand the new exams are one tier, not two. This allows everyone to equal opportunity.

In my opinion GCSE's were fine. The ability to complete coursework that will contribute towards your final grade definitely lowered the stress at school. In some cases you knew you were on track to getting your target grade. Without coursework this reassurance you received before your exam would not of exist. Students will have to change the way they are thinking and learning all together.

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