OsFest, Festival Weekend

Having teamed up with MasterGlow photography and heading down to OsFest I can say I have had a brilliant weekend.

OsFest, a festival based in Shropshire, was a weekend full of festival madness. The weather was pretty disappointing but the artists still put on a good show and the crowds were loving it.

I interviewed some wicked bands such as Daytona Lights, The Lottery Winners, The Colour Movement, Frutaloka, Sycamore lights and also got some backstage privileges and interviewed Stooshe, Loick Essien and Delilah.

We managed to capture some brilliant shots when we were down there, all the photos will be on MasterGlow Photography facebook page.

The festival had a nice feeling to it, it was in Oswestry in Shropshire and for me being a Journalist this was one of my first big experience. I understood that if i wanted a good weekend I had to ensure i had lots of interviews. We already had a few lined up but managed to grab some more than we expected.

The bands I interviewed had a real sense of humour, just wait to see what happens..

We also teamed up with YouFest. They report on festivals and knew the OsFest team really well. So teaming up with them really worked for us. We managed to set up a nice little professional area to film our interviews- Big thanks to the guys from YouFest

All the footage will be edited tomorrow- and up on Youtube.

I'll post all the interviews on my blog for you all to enjoy
This was a brilliant opportunity for me and I hope to do more.

 Me and Delilah

 Loick Essien

& The Trinity Band, from Britains Got Talent
I loved the poncho really

Thanks for YouFest and MasterGlow photography 

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