On my travels

So I've been off uni for a month and I haven't blogged yet. So here is a quick and wonderful post, finally.
As I could of guessed the weather here has been entirely dismal, pretty much rained for the whole of April. April Showers and all..
So I had enough of staring at the grey sky's and booked a last minute holiday with my boyfriend. We were going to go to Paris. But I was too tempted to go somewhere sunny. So we had a week in Palma Majorca.
It was beautiful, blue sky's nearly everyday. I got to chill out on the beach and when it wasn't so sunny we went and explored the city of Palma.
In Palma it was busy and full of life. The architecture was really nice, lots of winding roads and tight tall buildings. We hit the shops and ate and drank in lots of bars and even visited the Cathedral.

In the meantime I've been trying to write this media essay on the topic of convergence of old and new media, I've chosen to analysis Radio 1 Live lounge.
I've also got revision to do for the HCJ test on Tuesday....Wish me luck.

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