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Apple INC was founded in 1986, Cupertino California. Soon to shock the world, Apple became one of the largest publicly traded companies in the world by market capitalisation. Originally the company focused on consumer computers but it has later progressed towards making various consumer products, such as; iPhone, iPad and iPods, All that succeeded previous models.

The technological starting point for Apple was not a computer but a kit mimicking telephone router calls, known as the blue box. It allowed phone calls to be made free of charge by faking the signals used by the phone companies.  

Steve Jobs envisioned many things. It is believed that the idea of the Ipad was sketched in rough over 30 years ago. The writer David Sheff interviewed Steve Jobs in 1985, he got a sneak preview when Steve Jobs drew on a place mat and constructed what looked exactly like an ipad. Steve said to Sheff ‘This device, as big as a book, would allow us to keep in touch with one and other and replace the telephone and book stores.’

Steve Jobs, a once hippy and later a follower of the movement Zen was able to process these cultural influences into Apple. He was interested in calligraphy; he particularly noticed how the lines and the spaces had a relationship. He took the principles of Zen and incorporated in into Apple products. This idea of perfection could be the answer to why Ipad took so long to be released.

Following Apple’s successful trade of consumer electronics, the Ipad was released in April 2010. It was a big shock to the tablet market as sellers such as Samsung had already innovated and industrialised the idea. This did not waver Apple as they released the Ipad and it showed dramatic sales figures that proved successful in an already established market. The Ipad is a tablet device with multi touch display. The software being run is a cross platform between iPod touch, iPhone and iPad named IOS. The Ipad 2 is a redesign of the original. It is a third thinner and 15 percent lighter, boasting one of the fastest processors to be put in the tablet to date. This processor is an A5 dual Core processor which at the time was incredibly fast and powerful, so much so that it has now been put in Apple’s new iPhone 4S.
Technology is not the only drive for Apple as it is driven by liberal arts too. The ipad is not just another version of a pc but it is a post pc device, which is easier to use.

People are moving away from desktop PC’s and laptops. This is down to the changes and advancements of technology and arguably social networking. To combat this Apple released the iPad with the functionality of 3G. This is a prime example of how advancements in technology have shaped our society. We do not need these commodities but as they are accessible, by a tap of a finger, and attractive to users, we trick ourselves to thinking its essential.

Traditional aspects of your life such as your calendar, diary, address book, digital camera or even your sat navigation have been replaced into a device the size of a book. These traditions ideas have influced the way the Ipad looks. The calendar app and notes have been consistent through all of Apple’s products. This mix of old and new media makes it appealing to its users.

Since the release of Ipad 2 in March 2011 more than 15 million Ipads have been sold. This suggests how the free market theory is important to Apple, the idea that technology is driven by how the market reacts to their new releases. Their success is not only driven by profit but global phenomenon it has created. The Ipad has captured more than 90% of the tablet market, proving to other competitors such as Samsung Galaxy and Blackberry tablet that the competition is high. The competition makes Apple bring out new updates such as IOS 5.0.4 and newer models such as Ipad 2. There have been many speculations to whether the Ipad 3 will be released at the end of March 2012. 
This has just popped up from the BBC about  the release:  

It is clear to see that Apple is a company that has been influced by a number of factors, and this is true for the Ipad. The history of Ipad shows the advancements of technology advancing from year to year.

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