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Welcome back to blogging. It has been far too long since my last blog post! The Christmas holidays should have finished a couple of weeks ago, but for some of us lucky students we are still off. Watching far too much Jeremy Kyle.

Lawrance case
There has been plenty of news stories that have been of great significance. The Stephen Lawrence case has finally come to some closure when Gary Dobson and David Norris were conflicted of the racist murder of Stephen Lawrence. Lawrence lived for 18 years and it took 18 years to find justice. Dobson and Norris were had previously been proven not guilty in prosecution. They were both put on retrial for this murder again as there was new evidence. This is known as 'double jeopardy'. This ongoing case has been of great interest for me. I think it shows how the media have been powerful in keeping people informed of the case but also fighting for justice. It was hugely in the publics interest therefore newspapers have always caused controversial coverage about it. I can only say that it gives me hope that the justice system is improving, and that Stephen Lawrence's family can be given closure finally.

I recently heard about a little exhibition that is taking place in London. It offers an insight In to news reporting and looks very interesting. It's on until Febuary so I guess and trip to see it might be worth while, let me know if you want to come! Click on the link to have a look :) Somerset House, London. A year of Journalism and Conflict.

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