Winol Review

This weeks Winol broadcast was interesting. I particularly liked the interview with the local MP outside the Houses of Parliament. This looked professional, the background of the houses of parliament insured this. However the interview does include the report where the local MP states that Ed Miliband had been humiliated, this statement is quite defamatory. However for defence you could say that this was the truth. But personally I might not of kept this part in.

The only few criticisms I could give would obviously be that the cuts in between shots are quite disjointed. There are also a few sound issues. Some parts are louder than others. The part where a reporter is outside, it is very windy. This could easily be solved if it was filmed inside.

I can tell how hard the students work on winol, with every broadcast showing many interesting, local news worthy stories. The sport section seems very professional, I like how they have recorded footage from the matches and commented on the important parts. The football match footage does seem quite long, to make it more interesting I thought that it would be a nice idea to interview the players or managers at the end, this would change things up a bit and also add a second valid opinion.

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