Winol Review 9th November

This weeks Winol was bulletin was the best so far. The student march against tuition fee's story was very professional and newsworthy. The local MP interview with Chris Huhne also stood out. To be able to interview an important figure really gives the bulletin credibility and I'm sure even that professional news programmes such as South Today are at the same level as you.

Using a close up shot of Chris Huhne was effective. It allowed the interview to be heard clearly. However with the fencing coverage with Jon Rhodes didn't work as well. The sports hall echoes and it may of been better if the shot was more of a close up, to reduce the background noise. I'm not a sound expert, so I'm not sure how this could be solved.

There are only a few small negative points to make this week, and that's just me being picky. The recap on the bins story was good to look at as this is an ongoing story that may be of public interest. But it seems very similar to last weeks bulletin where the councillors have promised the same thing but yet it hasn't changed.

I thought the latest news on Barton Farm was professional, Louis O'Brien reported it well. His voice sounds professional and very clear. The interview with the city councillor George Beckett was effective and clear as well. The montage of footage used in this story was good, it was nice to see different locations being used as the footage of the housing may have become a bit boring. But splitting this up with the footage of Winchester city made it more interesting.

Another favourite of mine this week was the school report, the team did well not to break laws of Human rights by not showing footage of children, that was probably obvious to you. It must of been hard to gain access to film in the school, however you achieved this well.

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